rant: Skype for Mac.

Hey Skype,

You were bought for $8.5bn, that’s a lot of money. I’m not just talking from the standpoint of an individual for whom even $1m would be a fortune, but even compared to other large tech firms, it was a big payday.

Millions of people use you around the world, bla bla bla, you know why you were worth that money (the Skype dev team, I’m told, was worth it alone).

Let’s get to the point. Your Mac client is a disgrace to user experience, interface, web, print, typography, any digital designer out there.

You know what’s worse?
People have been complaining about your Mac client’s interface since it first came out. You’ve done nothing about it for the past ~year.
I gave up and downgraded to 2.0 — to when it actually was usable — but then you’re buggy, you can’t tell if someone is online or not and I end up messaging people when they’re offline like a retard.
You’re making me look like a retard, Skype.

I want to use you, I really do. I have a lot of contacts I like to talk to over Skype; don’t really have an alternative as I don’t have the time to convert each and every friend of mine to iChat.
But, you’re really pushing everyone using a Mac to the edge of doing so.

Fix your Mac client before someone fixes it for you and this $8.5bn ends up being your peak. Mac users are generally loyal to their software, pay for the things they like (see App Store sales figures for details), and most of all they’re vocal and can cause an unexpected landslide for you. Then you end up the hot shit of yesteryear that dried up in the corner it was left in.

Please. Fix it.

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