Google Chrome hangs on Mac, omnibox/address bar is unresponsive

Your installation of Google Chrome on your Macbook Pro or Macbook, or Macbook Air becomes suddenly unresponsive following a click or new tab. You cannot focus on the omnibox, can’t enter a new address, can’t open new tabs, but you can navigate through the already open tabs.

Your only option is to Force Quit Google Chrome. Alt + Cmd + Esc, choose Google Chrome and press enter.

At this point, you should be wondering what you’re doing holding alt+cmd+esc and killing processes on a mac; an environment you’ve been praising for years to be stable as a rock, never crashes, never needs reboots, never that never this.

Nowadays I have to use the App Store to download, install and update applications.
Moving applications to the trash alone is not enough anymore, most programs leave behind preferences and user profile information. If the problem with your installation is with that application, you need to use an external uninstaller to remove all the crumbs.

Anyway, if you’re still reading this, you should check your Applications > Utilities > Console for error messages.

During the omnibox hangs the error I was seeing was this: Google Chrome[2177]: NSMutableRLEArray objectAtIndex:effectiveRange:: Out of bounds

Apparently this is caused by an experimental feature allowing for more detailed searching through your history when you type into the omnibox. Ironically enough, I have publicly asked for this feature.

To disable the experimental flag, first close Google Chrome if its still hanging as per the aforementioned instructions. Then re-open a fresh Chrome window and type “about:flags” into the omnibox / address-bar. Use Cmd+F to find “Remembers commonly selected autocomplete results based on the omnibox search term” and disable it.

You should restart Chrome for good measure.

[EDIT: This ended up only temporarily fixing the issue. I later ended going back to firefox. really.

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    • It aint worth it man, let go. Firefox has semi-address-bar-search: If you type a single word it tries, but it searches google just like chrome if you type in something longer. Go for it, I haven’t looked back. Awesome extensions/add-ons too.


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