Unwrapping a new AWS account, a checklist

Here’s a checklist of what I do when I unwrap a new AWS account. I’m hoping to get some feedback on what else is being done out there. I might create separate AWS accounts for these reasons: – New Client (yay!) – New Project – New Environment The Checklist We begin cleaning up as root, […]

AWS Lambda is the future of virtualization

Just finished implementing my first project with AWS API Gateway + AWS Lambda. Simply? AWS Lambda is the future of virtualization. And it’s here, today. Joining the trend of utilizing standardized slices of computing — represented by a train of technologies like Docker containers, VMs/AMIs, OpsWorks/ElasticBeanstalk/Chef/Puppet/etc — comes “Lambda“, a new contender from AWS. I […]

Update: through the guts of the non-Apache stack

The Business It’s been some time since I wrote here; we’ve had a few setbacks with our chosen name. We were told we’d be facing some trademark litigation if we went forward with it, so dropping that premium domain name, finding the courage to spend money on another premium domain name again was a fairly […]

resize2fs – resize a live partition in linux (for use in AWS)

Hi there, You launched an instance on AWS with an EBS-backed storage. The AMI you used deployed a smaller volume than what you needed by default [insert many other reasons this might be the case], and so you need to resize it. Go to your AWS console. Find your instance under ‘Instances’. Stop your instance […]