Scaling Silicon Valley

Summary The world’s population will be one-day wholly integrated into the internet as buyers, sellers, passive consumers, content-creators, etc. Think about 100% reach and its political, social consequences. Think big, think huge, now is the right time for such grandiose creativity. Whatever you can imagine could be technologically as close as a use-case demo and a few […]

installing a clean copy of debian squeeze, locking it down

Who doesn’t like a freshly installed OS? Such a fuzzy feeling. Its great to see the ps aux output short, neat, tidy. Let’s get on with it. I assume you have a freshly installed copy of the base debian squeeze (6.0) distribution. On Linode, you choose debian-squeeze from a dropdown when creating a new slice. […]

what success looks like these days

Oh yeah, Internet: I’m done with share buttons.

Yeah I’m done with that crap, breaks HTML/CSS all the time, slows pageloads, looks like crap too. Just another piece of the web compatability puzzle to constantly maintain. I had 0 likes/tweets/1+s anyway. I won’t get to display the exact number of people who’ve shared my article? CALL THE ARMY. Wait, what have I been […]

google chrome address bar (omnibar) feature request

It’s a very simple request, really it is. When I type words in the address bar (also called the ‘omnibar’) I’m doing one of the following things: – typing in an address – typing in a search engine query – typing in a bookmark name, partial or not and finally – typing in a search […]

LC_CTYPE, LC_ALL problems on a fresh install of Debian Squeeze

Last few times I’ve installed a fresh copy of Debian Squeeze, I’ve had the following errors show up during/after a routine apt-get update;apt-get upgrade: locale: cannot set LC_CTYPE to default locale: No such file or directory After that point I could reproduce the error by typing: locale -a You will find tons of people on […]

rant: Skype for Mac.

Hey Skype, You were bought for $8.5bn, that’s a lot of money. I’m not just talking from the standpoint of an individual for whom even $1m would be a fortune, but even compared to other large tech firms, it was a big payday. Millions of people use you around the world, bla bla bla, you […]