I know what happened!

Here’s what happened to Color, on Quora: http://b.qr.ae/mGuvl8 If you don’t have the time, the cliff notes are: less than 100 users/week website traffic goes from 70,000 (peak of PR) to 20,000 2 star rating on the app store last 24 hours: 0 tweets/fb statuses containing ‘color app’ posts. color app twitter account ridiculously inactive […]

What happened to color.com?

… well, what happened? And on that note, when I do a google search on color.com app, even by including the omitted/repeated results, I can only get to page 54 for the alleged 892,000 results. Is the rest spam? can it be?

advice and insight.

Alright, this just hit me, gotta get it down on paper somewhere, might as well be here. When we give advice, there’s the presumption that it should be taken as-is, but usually the other party ‘ends up doing it their way’. Which is completely natural; everyone has their own set of mannerisms of dealing with […]

AirBnB antics: problems and suggestions

AirBnB is pretty awesome, having to look through spammy poorly designed sites to find short-term rentals to cities I go to was a horrible chore that has now been streamlined, and cleaned up. As it is always with such a disruptive and well-though-out plan; it’s hard to see why it wasn’t done before! So, all […]