back to firefox. really.

I bought a 13″ Macbook Air last month, an i5 with the smallest SSD and 4GB RAM. Its super quiet, lightweight, fast, and it runs cool too. Couldn’t be happier. Only one problem has been persistent from day 1: Google Chrome keeps locking up.

the UN is funny.

From Wikipedia: Day of the 7 Billion The Day of Seven Billion, October 31, 2011, is the day that has been officially designated by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) as the approximate day on which the world’s population reached seven billion people. […] United Nations Population Fund spokesman Omar Gharzeddine said, “There’s no way that the U.N. or anyone […]

Google Chrome hangs on Mac, omnibox/address bar is unresponsive

Your installation of Google Chrome on your Macbook Pro or Macbook, or Macbook Air becomes suddenly unresponsive following a click or new tab. You cannot focus on the omnibox, can’t enter a new address, can’t open new tabs, but you can navigate through the already open tabs. Your only option is to Force Quit Google […]

what success looks like these days

R.I.P. Ilya of Diaspora passes away at 21

I had written about their stellar team and the limitless potential I saw in their future: Google is social done right-er, so here’s more on the Diaspora team. So I’m saddened to hear that Ilya has passed away. My condolences to his family and loved ones during what must be a heavy time.

its all about iteration

[Hi HN, I’d greatly appreciate some feedback regarding the content and the blog itself. First time submitting something, please let me know what you think.] An iteration is the repetition of a function / process. Nowadays everything goes through endless iterations for me. For example, first you iterate through different project management tools, then you […]

powerful words of the day

That’s the thing about delightful details: they’re not just another thing you can add on top. Unless you sweat the details all the way through the user experience, the ones that delight quickly get drowned out by the ones that constantly annoy. –Aaron Swartz From Perhaps the Kindle Fire will be a step forward […]